Director of Photography &
Digital Colourist
based in London, E3.

Based out of his studio in East London, Christian works in the capture and refinement of motion and stills.
Working with storytellers – directors, writers, and designers – he takes stories & ideas, and crafts imagery suited to each project, from capture through to post-production.
Capture & editing of single and synchronised multi-camera footage. Delivery of digital film content in HD/2K & UHD/4K resolution formats.
Use of an array of fluid tripod heads, dolly sliders, and electronic gimbal stabilisers.
Capture and retouching of, as well as corrective and additive adjustments to digital still photographs.
Shooting and editing of time-lapse photography sequences using DSLR setups, as well as undercranking in video camera setups.
Colour correction & grading in Davinci Resolve, the industry standard in motion picture colour correction and post-processing.
Noise-reduction and grain assimilation to achieve a consistent look.
Flicker removal in high frame-rate footage, time-lapse clips, and footage captured at incorrect shutter speeds.
Motion retouch, including skin softening.
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